The Deutschlandticket is the up-and-coming solution for affordable travels all over Germany.

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Following the principle of the 9-Euro ticket the Deutschlandticket is currently being discussed as an affordable way to travel in Germany. Even though the date of release is not yet decided, the Deutschlandticket will be available for 49 euros per month in form of a yearly subscription.

At the moment, not all of the details are clear, but we try our best to keep you up to date with the news.

Here are some facts about the Deutschlandticket:

  • The ticket is valid on all vehicles of public transport, but not for long distance travels.
  • It is a yearly subscription but can be cancelled monthly.
  • The ticket will be a digital ticket or an eTicket.

If you already have or are interested in an annual ticket don’t be alarmed. As it already was with the 9-Euro ticket, we want our customers to benefit from the Deutschlandticket. Please do not cancel your current subscription, until all the details concerning the Deutschlandticket are clear. 

I already have an annual VGN ticket. How can I benefit from the Deutschlandticket?
Subscribers do not have to worry and shouldn’t cancel their current subscription. We will make your switch to the Deutschlandticket as easy and comfortable as possible and let you know about new information as soon as possible. 

What about the Solo-Nürnberg-Pass, the 365-Euro-Ticket VGN and the Semesterticket?
Unfortunately, we don’t have any information on these kinds of tickets. As soon as decisions have been made, we will let you know. 

When will the Deutschlandticket be valid?
The ticket is supposed to be released in the beginning of 2023. At the moment April 1st is being discussed as a possible date. We will keep you updated.

How much does the Deutschlandticket cost?
The ticket is supposed to cost 49 euros per month in form of a yearly subscription. The subscription can be cancelled monthly.

How can I pay for the Deutschlandticket?
Depending on your chosen payment plan – either monthly or yearly – the money will be taken off your bank account.

Can I transfer the Deutschlandticket to another person?
No, the ticket is bound to the person purchasing it. 

Where is the Deutschlandticket valid?
The ticket will be valid on public transport in all of Germany, like the 9-euro ticket. The vehicles include city and regional busses, regional trains, undergrounds and trams. Long distance travel trains of the Deutsche Bahn like IC or ICE are not included in the ticket. 

Where can I get the Deutschlandticket?
We (VAG and VGN) will include the Deutschlandticket as soon as possible in our offer. It will be offered as a digital ticket.
Currently it is not possible to purchase the ticket. 

Is the Deutschlandticket only available as a subscription?
Yes. If you don’t have a subscription already you will have to be patient. Currently the Deutschlandticket is not available for sale.

Can I take other people along with my ticket?
Regarding the most recent information other people cannot be taken along with the ticket. If you like to take other people, dogs or bicycles along a separate ticket must be purchased. 

How long will the Deutschlandticket be valid?
The government aims to offer the Deutschlandticket long term. At the moment it is supposed to be in use for the next two years, afterwards there will be new discussions about the future of the Deutschlandticket.

Will I receive free minutes for the VAG_Rad with the Deutschlandticket?
Yes. If you purchase the ticket via our NürnbergMOBIL app you will receive 600 minutes for free for the VAG_Rad. Customers who already have a subscription ticket will also receive 600 minutes for free in case of a switch to the Deutschlandticket.