Tips for transporting bicycles

On your way with a bike – and the VAG

Bike & Ride in Nuremberg. We have developed a comprehensive service concept for all cyclists. This is what is included:

Bike transport in buses and trains

If space allows, you are welcome to take along your bicycle in our buses and trains any time you want. But when a vehicle is too crowded, the driver has the ultimate say. In trains, the middle coaches are usually less crowded – please try there first.

You will understand that baby buggies and wheelchair users have higher priority than bicycles. Please note that suburban trains and the regional trains of German Railways (Ger.: DB) have different regulations for the transport of bicycles.

Bike & Ride in Nuremberg

You will find bike shelters at almost every station - be it underground, suburban and regional train (Ger.: S- & R-Bahn), or tram. 

Prices for bicycle transportation

For every bicycle, you need to buy one children's ticket – that can be a Single ticket (Ger.: Einzelkarte) or Strip ticket (Ger.: Streifenkarte). A MobiCard or Annual ticket Plus (Ger.: JahresAbo PLus) allows you to take with you up to two bikes – but please bear in mind these seasonal tickets have limitations on times of transport.

The DayTicket Plus (Ger.: TagesTicket Plus) is valid for up to six bicycles – in this case, one bicycle counts as one passenger. Alternatively, you can also buy a Bicycle DayTicket Bavaria (Ger.: Fahrrad-Tageskarte Bayern).

Benefits for families

If you as a parent or grandparent use a children's Single ticket (Ger.: Einzelfahrkarte), a Strip ticket (Ger.: Streifenkarte), or a Bicycle Ticket Bavaria (Ger.: Fahrrad-Tageskarte Bayern) for your bike, you can take your children and grandchildren up to the age of 14 years with you for free.

Bicycles up to 20 inch
For infant's and children's bicycles, you do not need an extra ticket at all.