Tickets for pupils
Calendar month:
from 26,70 €
Price level A: Nürnberg-Fürth-Stein
1 person. 24 hours.

Tickets for pupils in Nuremberg

For pupils living in Nuremberg there are three different ticket variations. Apart from the free ticket, the weekly and monthly tickets (which involve costs) we also have a subsidised ticket by the City of Nuremberg.

Information directly at your School

The school secretary will give pupils fast and straightforward information on which requirements must be fulfilled to be able to receive a free or subsidised ticket.

Information for pupils who do not live in Nuremberg

Self-paid pupil ticket

Who needs a self-paid pupil ticket? 

  • Primary school childen, who live max. 2 km (walking distance) from their school
  • Pupils, who do not go to a state school (e.g. private schools)

Application and place to buy:

Monthly: 59,00 €  Weekly: 20,20 €

Subsidised pupil tickets

Generally authorised:

  • Full-time pupils between 5th and 13th grade, who do not possess the free ticket
  • Pupils living in Nuremberg and going to a state school in Nuremberg, Fürth or Stein (price Level A, Zone 100/200)

Application and place to buy:

  • Fill out our Data Protection Consent Form (available at your school) and hand it in at your school
  • We will then authorize your filled out form and the ticket will be handed out to you by your school, in most cases by your class teacher
  • Monthly tickets are available at any ticket machines, in the VAG ServiceCenter , at Private sales Points or in the Onlineshop  

5-10th grade: 26,70 € monthly 11-13th grade: 36,80 € monthly

You can also get information about the subsidised pupil ticket at the civic education authority.

Free pupil ticket

Generally authorised:

  • Primary school children living at least 2 km (walking distance) from their school
  • Pupils between 5th and 10th grade living at least 3 km (walking distance) from their school


  • Fill out the order form from your school
  • The Network Pass and the 11 monthly tickets will be handed out to you by your school, mostly by your class teacher

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