Coronavirus: Informations for our passengers

We are going to inform you about current developments and measures, concerning our busses and trains, right here.

Information about different measures in the range of Coronacrisis

It is still main priority to slow down the spreading of coronavirus. Following measures will be realized therefore:

Traffic measures

Schools and businesses are closed. According to political appeals, people are forced to stay at home to slow down the spreading of coronavirus. The number of passengers has decreased. Therefore,we decided to adjust our schedule.

  • From Monday to Friday the holiday schedule is valid. All rides will operate regularly, except for those which are marked as V01.
  • Lines 89 to 99, which are usually used for pupils, are cancelled.
  • The Sunday schedule is valid on Saturdays aswell.
  • No NightLiner business until further notice.

Those measures are valid from Monday, January 11th.

To protect you and other passengers we want you to adhere strictly to the most important rules, dealing with Coronavirus:

  • Please stick to the rules and wear a facemask whenever you are in our busses, trains or at our stations.
  • Update: From January 18th all passengers age 15 and older are bound to wear a FFP2-mask in our busses, trains or at our stations!
  • Keep back from other passengers at our stations and in our busses and trains. 
  • Let other passengers get out of the train or bus before you enter.
  • Whenever possible avoid riding during rush hour.
  • Please adhere the most important hygiene rules:
    • Wash your hands often and thoroughly with water and soap for at least 20 seconds.
    • Avoid touching your face without washing your hands first.
    • Adhere to the sneezing and coughing etiquette and cover mouth and nose with a paper tissue or at least your elbow. The tissue should be thrown away right after you used it.
    • Avoid contact like shaking hands.
    • Keep distance to people coughing, sneezing or showing signs of fever.


Operational measures


  • Drivers don´t sell tickets anymore. Please buy your tickets at pre-selling or online; at the latest right after your ride or at changeover.
  • Our drivers stop visual controls.

All trains of lines U2 and U3 and the latest trains of line U1 (type DT3F) open doors automatically. There is no need to press the door opening button. On older trains of line U1 it isn’t possible to open the door automatically. You still have to open the doors manually here.
Please note the reaction time of the automatic doors. It can take up to three seconds for the doors to open after stopping at the platform.

You still have to press the stop request button to tell the driver to stop at the next station. As soon as the tram stops, all doors will open automatically. Please note the response time of the automatic doors, it can take up to three seconds for the door to open.

Customer service center:
Monday May 4th the customer service center reopens. Please keep using the counters at central station and Lorenzkirche to buy your tickets. Inside of the customer service center you can get information and buy subscriptions.


Buying tickets

Please use our digital options to buy your tickets: mobile ticket as well as our online shop. You can also use the ticket machines. Ticket machines aren´t available at every station, so please use our offers like the 4-trip tickets to buy tickets in advance.


Further information

Robert-Koch-Institute controls and estimates the actual situation and the risk to contract the infection in Germany. You can find current information at their website. The city of Nuremberg has set up a hotline (0911 231-10666) for the citizens.

If you show symptoms such as cough, cold, fever or shortage of breath, please stay at home and talk to your family doctor on phone.